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            Macro Economic Indicators

            Economic Indicators Value As at:
            Money Supply (M3) N42,576,322.3million Nov, 2021
            Credit to Other Sectors N35,314,200.6million Nov, 2021
            Year-on-Year All Item Inflation Rate 15.4 Nov, 2021
            Average Inter-bank Call Rate 20.00
            Monetary Policy Rate 11.5   12/30/2021
            Treasury Bill Rate 91-Day Tenor 2.49
            3-Month Tenor Deposit Rate of Banks

            Monthly Average Prime Lending Rate

            Spot Price of Nigeria's Reference Crude Oil US$79.3 12/30/2021

            Full dates are in the format mm/dd/yyyy
            Facts : 8/15/1967
            Dr Clement Nyong Isong:Dr. Clement Nyong Isong was appointed the second Nigerian Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, from August 15, 1967 to September 22nd, 1975. He also served as the Governor of the old Cross River State.
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